Co-Dependency-Relationship Dynamics Training


  • 22 - 29 May 2024 Helsinki (Finland)
  • 20 - 28 June 2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • 13 - 21 July 2024 Rovaniemi, Lappland (Finland)
  • 20 - 28 August 2024 Tallinn (Estonia)
  • 13 - 26 September 2024 Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 10 - 18 October 2024 Helsinki (Finland)
  • 13 - 23 November 2024 Oslo (Norway)

This is an intensive process in four sections for learning to work with the inner child and relationship issues. It teaches the basic elements of healing the wounds we carry inside and how to create intimacy in our lives. Our understanding for the inner child in this work is that space inside of deep vulnerability and sensitivity which has been betrayed that we are afraid to open. In this training, you will be learning the skills and techniques to conduct individual inner child sessions and sessions with couples to work through co-dependency issues. You will be learning to work with issues of the abused, traumatized and abandoned inner child and the specific ways in which these wounds affect our relationships.

This training is primarily for people already working in a helping profession, such as therapists, social workers and others. People who have a genuine interest to work through their own issues may also attend.


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