The Institute of Energetic Sciences , Intuition and Healing  is the result of many years of working with people from different backgrounds, spiritual development, economic background and personal life stories.  Our vision is to combine modern technology and new teaching methods with established therapeutic and ancient spiritual  teachings in order to assist your ultimate growth and personal wellbeing.

People who have come to us are looking to go deeper into Love, Relationship and Intimate partnership.Love has its own inherent depth and wisdom and in order to access this wisdom we have to align ourselves with a bigger self and a new dimension of love. This love is based on intelligence, acceptance and maturity.

If we are to cultivate a new spirit of engagement in our intimate relationships we need to recognize and welcome the powerful opportunity that intimate relationships provide to awaken our true nature. When we approach relationship in this way, intimacy becomes a path an unfolding process of personal and spiritual development.

We invite you to join our path today and we hope we can assist you in your personal and spiritual  growth.


Living Love Summer Celebration Intensive

  • 10 - 24 June 2023 Sagres (Portugal)
  • 02 - 16 August 2023 Sagres (Portugal)

Whenever you are one with your whole being- with your body, energies, senses, feelings, heart, intelligence, and soul - your life becomes a deep celebration of being present.

Tantra Intensive

  • 05 - 12 June 2023 Helsinki (Finland)
  • 12 - 18 July 2023 Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 24 - 29 August 2023 Oslo (Norway)

In Tantra, relaxation, acceptance, and expression are keys, we learn to be present instead of relying on fantasy, we learn the beauty of being in the moment instead of anticipating what will come in the future and finally we learn to really love and give love and pleasure to each other through being grounded in our own experience. 

Living Love Intensive Training

  • 18 - 25 June 2023 Oslo (Norway)
  • 02 - 08 July 2023 Stavanger (Norway)
  • 10 - 18 August 2023 Riga (Latvia)

Whenever you are one with your whole being- with your body, energies, senses, feelings, heart, intelligence, and soul- your life becomes a deep celebration of being present. It is a full spectrum celebration that encompasses your playfulness and your stillness and allows you to be tender and vulnerable as well as passionate and powerful.

Co-Dependency-Relationship Dynamics Training

  • 25 - 30 July 2023 Helsinki (Finland)
  • 04 - 09 August 2023 Tallinn (Estonia)

This is an intensive process in four sections for learning to work with the inner child and relatioship issues.It teaches the basic elements of healing the wounds we carry inside and how to create intimacy in our lives.

The Path of the Eneagram

  • 10 - 18 July 2023 Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 12 - 18 August 2023 Helsinki (Finland)

This structured workshop consists of many inquisitive techniques such as Meditation, Enquiry, Practising Presence, Group and Individual Work, Deep  Breathing Work, Yoga and Tai Chi and Shamanic Healing Processes.

Living Love Workshop

  • 10 - 15 June 2023 Malmö (Sweden)
  • 04 - 12 July 2023 Oslo (Norway)
  • 23 - 28 August 2023 Helsinki (Finland)

“ I teach you undivided existence. Remain undivided. Never think yourself separate from your sexual energy, or anything for that matter. You are it! You are sexual energy, you are love energy. You are consciousness. You are body. You have many aspects. Your Diamond has many aspects to it. And all those parts together make you precious.”