Your Essence and the Enneagram

This work is based on the understanding that separation from Essence is one of the primary causes of our suffering, and therefore, any therapy that does not retrieve our connection with Essence is incomplete. Essence can be defined as our true self, free of our conditioning, and has been referred to as Buddha-nature or our original face. Any ideology that acknowledges only the need to know the Absolute without including the relative or personal leaves us without the integration that allows us to live a fulfilled and awakened life, combining body, heart, and soul.

Through the development of compassion, objective inquiry, and understanding the entanglements that have disturbed our connection to Essence are gently resolved to leave us in a relaxed and open state. Living Your Essence offers a gentle and spacious approach that allows us layer by layer to melt the obstacles that hinder our capacity to rest in Being. Understanding our Personality Structure is an important aspect of the work and for this, we apply the Enneagram as a deep and soulful way to pinpoint our ego defenses and create a certain disidentification with our conditioning.

This structured workshop consists of many inquisitive techniques such as Meditation, inquiry, Practising Presence, Group, and Individual Work, Deep  Breathing Work, Yoga, and Tai Chi and Shamanic Healing Processes.