Living Love Intensive Training

Whenever you are one with your whole being- with your body, energies, senses, feelings, heart, intelligence, and soul- your life becomes a deep celebration of being present. It is a full spectrum celebration that encompasses your playfulness and your stillness and allows you to be tender and vulnerable as well as passionate and powerful.

This intensive training guides you through processes, meditations, and interactions with other participants that bring you profound realizations about your personality and the way that it governs, and frequently limits you in your life. It is all designed so you can begin to rediscover and reclaim the magical being that the costumes of personality keep hidden from you, and so that you can dissolve those personality traits that do not serve you.

Whatever your personality is like, the essential fact is that it runs the show of your life until the day you realize that this is not who you really are.

The Living Love Intensive Training is designed into four cycles.

The first cycle is called BEING PRESENT, and it is really about discovering and embarking on a life-transforming adventure into a real-life story. Much of it is described in the first two paragraphs above.

The second cycle is called COMING INTO BEING. It is really the key module, it is a journey of sexual healing and liberation. In freeing to fully enjoy sex, it opens you far beyond just pleasure. The processes and explorations of these days prepare you for the awakening and transformation of your Initiation Ritual.

Coming into full connection with your body, sex, heart, and soul, you awaken to the mysteries of Tantra.

The third cycle is called THE PLAY OF LIFE. This cycle invites you in the special morning meditations to regenerate your primal, instinctual connection with nature, in rituals such as the voluntary sweatlodge and the fire and light ceremonies, inspired by the shamans of the Amazons. It is leading you to invoke your soul's presence and reconcile you with the mystery of life and death.

The fourth cycle is called THE MASTERY. This cycle is designed to bring it all together, what you have learned in the previous gatherings. The ultimate experience - integrating yourself into the world, in your work cycle and your cycle of friends and living your life to the utmost, in full presence, in love, and your inner wisdom and being.