Tantra is an ancient path of Self Discovery

It is a philosophy of Non-Duality that focuses on our embodied experience and offers practices that liberate and channel sexual energy to achieve higher and ecstatic states of consciousness. Tantra believes in Union with the whole existence and understands that the Union of Man and Woman is preparing us to have a divine Union with the Whole. The Vision of Tantra that comes from the Ancient Enlightened Masters is that Tantra is a path of Transformation that is rooted in meditative awareness and Sexual Energy used consciously can facilitate this movement from Sex to love and finally to Prayer.

We approach Sex with a sacred consciousness that allows us to bring depth and healing to intimate relationships. We learn to let go of performance and image and through carefully designed meditations, exercises and sharings we gently learn a new way of being intimate and making love that is deeply relaxing and nourishing.

At the same, we bring understanding to what it means to be a man, what is the essence of masculine polarity, and what it means to be a Woman. By consciously applying these principles we enhance the natural magnetic attraction between the two polarities bringing more passion, presence, and grace to our relationships.

In Tantra, relaxation, acceptance, and expression are keys, we learn to be present instead of relying on fantasy, we learn the beauty of being in the moment instead of anticipating what will come in the future and finally we learn to really love and give love and pleasure to each other through being grounded in our own experience.